by Bob Craig

On this Memorial Day (2002)* we thought it fitting to memorialize some of the writers of the original Expository Review who have passed from this earthly habitation to their spiritual habitation. There are others who have passed on also and we remember their great works but this little paper has to do only with those who contributed to the pages of The Expository Review.

First, and I believe the latest of these would be Leon Odom. I could write a long biography of our lives together but Iím just sure I would leave something out. Leon was a close personal friend and I will cherish the memory of time spent with him as a unique preacher of the gospel. His was a style of which there will be no successful imitator. I have fond memories of debates in which I served as moderator and my two public debates in which he moderated for me. Also I remember with pleasure of much social time spent with him and his faithful mate, Dorothy.

Then there was James Trigg. James was little in stature but a giant in faith. I worked with James in several meetings and these were enjoyable times. He visited in my home just a few weeks before his passing. He was assisted by his faithful wife, Vernell.

Then, another James. He was better known as J. A. Rodgers. J. A. was a man who had strong feelings concerning what he believed. But he was always a man one could reason with and he had the courage to change if proven wrong. Much enjoyable time was spent with J. A. and his wife, Betty.

Then thereís Vaughn Shofner. Vaughnís writing was laced with beautiful words and phrases. I would say he had the soul of a poet. Vaughn lost his first wife in an auto accident and he almost lost his faith but he didnít and came back stronger than ever with the help of his second wife, Dawn.

Lefton Hester was an older man when I first knew him but his old age didnít hinder him in his proclamation of the gospel.

Mack Kercheville was known for his work among the Spanish speaking people. He worked in Mexico and along the border. I finally met him after years of hearing of him and I was not disappointed. He was a gentle man yet firm in the faith.

Bryan Vincent, Sr. was a deep thinker and a student of the English language. He could always repeat a thing in five different ways and make you think about what he was saying.

I was with Herbert Fraser just one time but that one time was enough for me to know that he was a man of deep conviction.

H. L. Bruce was a comparatively young man when he met a tragic ending. He was a competent proclaimer of the gospel with lots of pulpit and writing ability

There were among our writers men who suffered worse than any of the above mentioned for they have suffered spiritual death. May God allow them to live long enough to see the error of their ways and return to their Master.

* Now, brethren R.L. "Bob" Craig & Robert L. McDonald have passed. Details.