Vol. 2 - No. 7

July, 1983

What About Miraculous Healing?

by James R. Trigg

The following article is true! It appeared in many leading newspapers a few years ago. The quote below is from The Indianapolis Star, January 31, 1956, under the heading, WOMAN DIES OF CANCER AFTER "CURE."

"Evansville, Ind. (Spl.)--A former Evansville woman, whose 'miracle cure' of cancer after treatment by a faith healer was featured in a television movie here Sunday, died early yesterday in her Burbank, Calif., home, 12 hours later, of cancer. Early last June Mrs. Vondersher saw a telecast of a service by Oral Roberts, a widely known evangelist. The next week, with her husband, she flew to Cincinnati and attended a Roberts' service. On her way home to Burbank she told relatives in Evansville that Roberts had treated her by the laying on of hands and prayer. Mrs. Vonderscher's physician at the Pasadena Tumor Institute listed the cause of death as cancer."

It is high time that so-called miracle shows be exposed for what they really are. The above is another instance of failure on the part of the "healers" to heal. It should cause people to realize that these "faith healers" are just "fake healers" and religious deceivers!

A few years ago another "healer," Jack Coe, ran into "healing trouble" in Miami, Florida. He "healed" a little 3-year old boy who had polio. He ordered his braces removed and the little innocent child fell to the floor, and damage was done by his braces being removed. IT WAS NOT A FAILURE of the FAITH of the ONE BEING HEALED, but A FAILURE of the "FAITH HEALER." Since that time Jack Coe took polio and died! Ironical?

As people witness the TV programs and see the deceiving performances in person, many are led astray. It is time for people to WAKE-UP to the truth on these matters. It is time for every teacher of truth to preach the teaching of the New Testament concerning miracles.

Miracles were performed in the first century for the purpose of confirming the word that was spoken through inspired men and written down in the New Testament (Mark 16:20; Hebrews 2:3-4). Signs and wonders (miracles) were done then so that men would believe that Jesus was the Christ (John 20:30-31). People had not the completely revealed word of God. As this word was being revealed it had to be confirmed as being from God before men would believe and accept it. This was the purpose of God in giving miraculous gifts unto men in the first century. When the gospel (the faith, truth) was "once for all deliveredů" (Jude vs. 3), it had been ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME CONFIRMED! These signs and wonders on record in the New Testament continue to confirm the word today, We now have the "perfect law of liberty" (James 1:25), which furnishes us to a complete knowledge of God's plan and will toward men (2 Timothy 3:16-17). IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! No more revelation from God is given or needed. Hence, no more confirmation is given or needed, All miraculous wonders have served their purpose in the plan of God. God no longer gives miraculous gifts unto men. Anyone who claims that He does is obligated to come forth with Bible proof that He does in order for his claim to be established. THIS THEY CANNOT DO!

Jesus and His apostles healed, raised the dead, stilled a storm, walked on water, increased a small amount of food into an abundance, turned water into wine, struck a man blind, cast out demons and many other mighty works. If the "faith healers" can do what they claim, why do they not stop some of the destructive tornados and hurricanes? Why do they not raise men from the dead who have been dead four days? (John I1). Why do they not increase a small amount of food into an abundance that the hungry of the world might be fed? Why do they not strike blind their opposers? (Acts 13). Why do they not heal men who are known cripples from birth as the lame man in Acts 3, whom Peter and John healed? The reason they do not is BECAUSE THEY CAN NOT! They have no power from God or they would. The sowing of false doctrine and deceit will cause many to spend eternity in Hell. "Be not deceived" by false doctrine and claims that are not authorized by Almighty God in His word.