Vol. 1 - No. 8 

August, 1982


by Robert L. McDonald


Our readers have discovered the focus of THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW is toward an exposition of the scriptures. It is our intention to continue this direction because we are convinced this journal is what brethren have been looking for. Almost all of our articles have been of this quality.

We have one more step in our effort to have a well‑rounded paper, that is, for it to be a paper which will have something for everyone. Our readers are called upon to let us know of some passage which you would like to have critically examined. A number of brethren have informed this editor of their willingness to assist in such writing when called upon. We would like to use them in this way and at the same time to call upon our readers to supply the passages they would like to have examined.

This participation of readers and writing will be unique. The subject‑matter and quality of writing will be somewhat directed by those who are anxious to study these important truths.

One other thing, we do not want to have a "preacher‑paper", that is, a paper of topics which are written for and slanted toward preaching brethren. We have by far a majority of readers who are not preachers and would like to have material more in their interests. So, to the "non‑preachers," let us hear from you if you know of a passage you would like to have examined. Send your requests to the editor and we will take it from there.


In apostolic days, the church grew by the thousands in a relatively short time. This rapid growth probably can be attributed to a number of factors: the days of inspiration, prepared hearts which were receptive of the truth, a pre‑knowledge of Old Testament prophecy, etc. We must not overlook the undivided zeal of the members as they went everywhere preaching the word (Acts 8:4).

There is no reason that the church cannot grow today if the members are determined for spiritual growth as planned by our Lord. I believe some have too many "irons in the fire" so as to not allow them to become actively involved in trying to reach those lost in sin. I am convinced that too many are satisfied to allow "their preacher" to do most of the converting of sinners. What personal work is done is pretty well accomplished by the preachers. This is not the way it should be. In the first century, we understand the disciples went everywhere as they taught others the truth. Cannot we, today, have the same determination to reach those outside of Christ?

Churches, it seems to me, are somewhat contented to have a meeting or two during the year with the hope that someone may drop in and be convinced of the truth. I do not, for a moment, want to lessen the importance of gospel meetings (I personally do not believe that congregations can experience growth, to a degree, without them!). When churches do arrange gospel meetings, brethren should make preparation for weeks in advance for the success of the special effort.

Let churches have more meetings, members do more personal work in teaching their acquaintances and all be more devoted to the greatest cause the world has ever known, then we will see growth --numerically and spiritually. We can then lift our voices in singing, "blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love."

Alexander Graham Bell

The other day, Bob Craig and I went to the local Telephone Company to make arrangements for commercial service. As usual, we had to wait for a good length of time before our business was completed. While I was talking to one of the employees, Craig started talking to another. He asked the young lady, approximately twenty years old, "Do you know Alexander Graham Bell?" She answered that she did not. Bob then asked, "Well, do you know Don Ameche?" Again, she said she didn't.

Bob came over to me (as I waited for further service) and told me what had happened. I just couldn't believe that an employee of the "Bell System" had never heard of Alexander Graham Bell. (He didn't believe me‑‑BC) So, I walked over to the young lady and said, "Do I understand that you do not know Alexander Graham Bell?" She replied, "No, sir. You see, I have not lived in Odessa but a very short time!"