Vol. 1 - No. 7 

July, 1982


by Robert L. McDonald

This editor is heartened with the growth among conservative brethren. It was not many years ago when brethren, all over the country, had to start all over building congregations in cities where liberalism had held full sway. Those days appeared dark and depressing, but brethren continued to struggle and build, little by little. Now, one can travel from coast to coast and find churches (many are still small in number) endeavoring to worship and work as divinely authorized. Little did those brethren of twenty‑five years ago know that the fruit of their labor would increase to the establishment of churches determined to stand for the faith. How wonderful it is to travel from place to place and worship with brethren of kin­dred spirits ‑‑ to know there is truly a tie that binds!


THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW does not have a "staff" of writers. This has caused some to ques­tion the wisdom of attempting to publish a paper without a "staff" to keep the manuscripts flowing to the editor for adequate copy for the printer. Our feelings in this matter is that brethren can ex­press their convictions of Bible truths without at­tachment to an organization of some kind and if someone expresses a certain position with which this editor or publisher disagrees, there is no "staff" justification involved.

 The pages of THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW are open to those who will write articles suitable for publication. We have no way of knowing all of the reputations of writers who may send us material. If and when we learn one of reprobate character, we will not hesitate to reject his articles. We con­tinue to urge brethren to send us "fresh" material (not previously published) for inclusion in future is­sues of the paper. 


 What do we think of the "box‑in‑the‑vestibule" as proposed by brother Yater Tant? We didn't think much of it when it was first introduced in 1956 and even less‑today. Over the passing of time situations have so drastically changed that such a revived scheme, as foolish as it always was, will not be accepted even by the few who favorably looked upon it years ago. The suggestion when originally proposed was made before churches had divided and as I understand brother Tant's proposal, to adopt the "box‑in‑the‑vesti­bule" plan of sending money to human institutions

 without disturbing the regular Sunday contribution so as to allow brethren time to "study the issues" which were dividing churches. But they have divided! Lines of fellowship have been drawn. These lines were drawn over the issue of divine authority. I was surprised when brother Tant made the proposal to brother Guy N. Woods (Gospel Advocate) and Reuel Lemmons (Firm Foundation). From the sound of their editorials they were no more impressed with Yater's suggestion in 1982 than in 1956.


 We have been delighted with the favorable response from so many by sending THE EXPOSI­TORY REVIEW to friends and loved ones. Hope­fully, we will have an increased reading to be well over 1,500 before long. This can be realized only by the many friends who are sending in a number of "club subscriptions."

 To encourage you to help us, we have a very special offer (which can be found elsewhere in this issue) to enlist your help in this matter. Show your copy of THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW to those you are interested in and ask them to subscribe. Write the publisher for sample copies to be sent to hand out to those who may be interested. In this way, you will be helping us and your friends.