Vol. 1 - No. 6 

June, 1982

Book Review

by Byron Gage


SCIENTIFIC CREATIONISM (GENERAL EDITION), Edited by Dr. Henry M. Morris, Ph.D., Creation-Life Publishers, San Diego, California, 1974. In view of recent court decisions regarding the teaching of creation in contrast to evolution in the public school systems, this book ought to be read by every individual interested in seeing the evolutionary dogma exposed. The book is written in language which is understandable to just about everyone. There are a few terms which might need defining, but a good dictionary will suffice. The terms are worth knowing!

Parents of school-age children will be especially interested in this book in order to be able to adequately answer the questions arising due to contradictions observed between Bible class lessons and the public school classroom on the vital area of origins. The effect of evolutionary teaching on our youth should be obvious to discerning individuals. The destruction of the faith of our youth in this area spawns the loss of faith in other areas. Morals are likely to decline along with respect for parental authority. Parents may seem to the teenager backward and ignorant because of the acceptance of the creation account. When one educates oneself in the scientific evidence which supports and vindicates the Biblical statement on creation, one is able then to meet evolution on its own ground and defeat this false system of belief. When our youth learns that evolution is neither scientific nor true, and that the Biblical account of creation is true, then he will be more likely to "see" and accept the authority of the Scriptures in other areas as well.

Please don't misunderstand me. I do not believe that God needs science to vindicate Him or His word. But I do believe that with the barrier (in this case, evolution) removed, our youth will more readily accept and respect the Scriptures, and be accordingly influenced thereby.

The price of this book is $6.95, but may be subject to change. It is well worth buying and carefully reading. Preachers and teachers will especially enjoy and employ its useful information.

THE CREATION-EVOLUTION CONTROVERSY, by R. L. Wysong, Inquiry Press, Midland, Michigan, 1976. The subject material of this book is explained by the title. It is somewhat more technical than the book by Dr. Morris reviewed earlier and is about 150 pages longer. There is a certain flair and wit possessed by the author that will, I think, give an enjoyable lift to the reader. This will help in keeping the interest up when dealing with much technical information and figures.

This book is introduced well with material relating to the implications of teaching evolution. Man's concept of morality, authority, and destiny is directly affected by his belief in God and the Scriptures. The process and reasons why this is so are discussed in the opening section of the book.

The Foreword in the book begins, "The creation-evolution controversy has been raging for nearly a century. Recently there has been increased interest as a result of legislative proposals in several states concerning the teaching of creation, as well as evolution, in the public school systems. The importance of this subject, however, does not change with time or circumstance. To those who seek intellectual contentment the issue is timeless. Likewise, origins--which the evolution- creation controversy is all about--has universal appeal. Origins is sexless, not circumscribed by political boundaries, raceless, and of interest to all ages. Even tender young children with practically their first words importune parents with 'Where did I come from?"' This book is profusely illustrated and footnoted. It costs about $8.95. Preachers and teachers ought to get this book and use it.

DINOSAURS, THOSE TERRIBLE LIZARDS, by Duane T. Gish Ph.D., Creation-Life Publishers, San Diego, California, 1977. This is a delightful children's book written about dinosaurs from the creationist viewpoint. It is unusual in that books of this sort are usually evolutionary. It is illustrated quite colorfully and will be enjoyable reading for the parent as well as the children. There is some degree of speculation with regard to the interpretation of the leviathan of Job, which is very interesting. The price is $6.95. Give your child an alternative to the evolutionist's explanation of dinosaurs.