Vol. 1 - No. 3 

March, 1982

Evolution Theories: What Can We Do?

by Robert L. McDonald

In a recent issue of The Odessa American, several Associated Press articles advancing the theory of evolution appeared. All of them were the most absurd positions I have ever read. The sad thing is too many of the readers of the public press are unable to make the distinction between "facts" and "theories" of science. As every informed person is keenly aware evolution as taught in the public schools and most colleges is an unproved hypothesis. After one reads what the evolutionists have to say, they all come up with the same pattern for the origin of man and the existence of the universe. It is sad that such intelligent men have been deluded into accepting such ridiculous theories as "facts of science!"

 The theistic evolutionist is no better. He claims to believe in a Creator which started everything off and then left the perfecting of the universe to a gradual development by chance where man is today. I don't suppose I read the exact words, but I seem to get the idea that most evolutionists have accepted the concept that man is the crowning glory of evolution and it has now run its course.

 There is no reason for evolutionists to have made such strides in our society with their damnable doctrines. But they have! They have because good men have stood idly by and allowed their cause to be advanced without raising a voice of objection to one of the greatest lies ever told. Why should we, brethren, keep our mouths closed or nothing more than privately uttering our disagreement with such foolish notions of evolution? I believe the time is long overdue for more teaching on this issue to be done other than from the pulpit!

 When the mentioned articles appeared, I wrote to the Editor of The Odessa American with a full examination of what had appeared in the press releases. The positions were not difficult to expose! Almost immediately, the evolutionists came out from under the rocks with their Letters to the Editor to show how narrow‑minded the creationists were. Needless to say, my thoughts expressed in my letter were misrepresented by trying to make me take positions all the way from defending the edicts of Roman Catholicism to a denial of proven science. My Letter to the Editor drew fire from those who had nothing more than a cap‑pistol.

 As a result of this brief encounter in the public press I have made the decision to search out the local paper for other articles on the subject of evolution and reply to them in the Letters to the Editor section. At the same time, it occurred to me that if brethren all across this country would do the same maybe our voice could be heard and do much to awaken a society who has been put to sleep by the foolishness of unproven theories.

 There are a number of good, informative books on the subject of evolution, exposing the fallacious positions so the inquiring mind can understand and learn the truth. Creation­Life Publishers in San Diego California has for years published such informative books. Parents would do well to get some of these books and make them available to their children. (Incidentally Creation‑Life Publishers have books on the subject of evolution directed to small children.)

 There have been some battles in the courts as to whether or not the Genesis Account of Creation can be taught in the public schools as well as the Theory of Evolution. We recently were made aware of such civil action in Arkansas. Later this year, another hearing will be made in Louisiana. I have been informed that other actions will be pressed throughout the country. Surely, more and more people are taking a long look at what has been taught and, in many instances accepted as truth.

 We should equip ourselves to combat such error and at the same time instill into the minds of our children an unwavering faith in the Bible as it is indeed the Word of God.