Vol. 1 - No. 2 

February, 1982


By Robert L. McDonald 

Since the first announcement was made regarding THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW, there have been varying responses. Most of them, made to this editor, have been favorable with assurances that efforts would be made to raise subscriptions so as to get the paper moving. Our appreciation go to those who have manifested such an interest. Our friends have done much to encourage brethren to send in these subscriptions and we offer our sincere thanks.

Some have wondered why a new paper should be introduced since several papers are already published. Still others have offered helpful suggestions to make a better paper. All in all we are encouraged with the overall acceptance of what we have in mind.

Papers should not be started because someone has an "ax to grind." I don't believe that serious students want to spend their time in reading the same issue discussed over and over. Surely, every informed Christian desires to know of problems which affect the peace and harmony of local churches and at the same time to learn the Word of God on that subject. The person who is willing to study an issue will learn the truth. THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW will not be an instrument for a single issue but hopefully to have a variety of subjects with an emphasis to an exposition of difficult passages in the Bible. When we explained our aim in this new publication, every person with whom I have talked has expressed a wholehearted approval in what we will be trying to do.

There is so much to write about! Almost every Bible class in which we participate on Sunday morning have questions raised about the interpretation of a certain passage. These students are not so much interested in whether or not a particular verse refutes a false position (even though such may be injected into the discussion), but the meaning of the context in whence the passage is found. The problem with which some are confronted is not the ability to write, nor a lack of knowledge of Bible truth, but to be able to settle upon a subject for discussion. Again, I repeat, we have so much upon which we can write! To offer a suggestion to those of our reading audience who are capable writers, let me submit the following list of passages which I feel would be apropos for future issues of the paper:

1 Corinthians 7:39

1 Timothy 2:11-12

Ephesians 5:11-12

Highlights of Philemon

1 John 4:17-18

Romans 4:15

Matthew 24

1 Corinthians 11:4-6

 There have been some in the past who have made a critical examination of these passages, but such have been to a minimum. In THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW, we are especially interested in having articles in exposition of Scriptures. There are other difficult passages which come to mind, but this list will suffice to let you know what we hope to accomplish. I call upon our readers who frequently have written for some of the papers to select from the list above (or of your own choosing) and write on it. (In the event that two or more write upon the same passage, we will in time print all of the articles.) Your effort will not go without notice and at the same time your work will be of a great profit to those who read. Our interest is to be centered upon articles which take passages of Scripture and give scholarly comment as to meaning. I believe there is a need for this kind of writing and this is what we propose in THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW.

One more thought, especially to those who plan to write. Keep the articles in simple form. It appears to this editor (and the same has been expressed by many) that too many of the articles in the papers seem to be written to other preachers. We have a different reading audience in mind. We want to encourage the authors to address themselves to the average member of the church so they will receive the good and enjoyment from the paper.

Now that you have a better understanding for the paper, let's get on with the issuance and longevity of a medium for good.