Vol. 1 - No. 2 

February, 1982

Blasphemy Reaches A New Low

by R. L. (Bob) Craig

I thought that degradation had attained its ultimate when some British film-makers determined to depict Jesus as a homosexual, but recently, January, 1982, a new book hit the market that equaled or surpassed that. The book is titled, "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail." I have not read the book; I have only read a short review of it by an Associated Press reporter on the front page of the Austin American-Statesman.

The book insists that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, had a child and has living descendants in Western Europe to this present day. The book, like the movie mentioned above, originated in England and was the collaborative effort of a Briton, Henry Lincoln; a New Zealander, Michael Bargent; an American novelist who boasts a Ph.D. in history, Richard Leigh.

These three spent more than ten years doing research for their book. Their research led them to what they called "a plausible hypothesis which makes coherent sense." Their research began with Lincoln's preparation of a 1972 documentary on a 19th century French priest, Berenger Sauniere. This priest, supposedly attained great wealth after discovering and deciphering four parchments hidden in a pillar of his church. Those parchments, of course, are not available-so-called facsimiles are. Kinda reminds you of Mormonism-the plates Joe Smith found no longer exist-only the copy of such as revealed through Smith.

They say that these facsimiles reveal the existence of a secret society, the Prieure de Sion, which was founded to guard the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail, supposedly the cup used by Jesus at the last supper, you remember from your folk tales and myths, was the motivation behind the travels and conquests of the Knights of King Arthur's court. Another duty of the society is to protect the royal descendants of Jesus and prepare the way for their rise to world power.

The triune researchers came up with the hypothesis that: Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had at least one child; he and his sympathizers staged his crucifixion and resurrection and he survived to an old age somewhere outside Judea; that Mary and her child made their way into southern France, mixed with the Franks and started the Merovingian dynasty in the Middle Ages; that the Merogingian line extends into the modern noble houses of Europe, so the descendants of Jesus are alive today.

Remember, an hypothesis is the beginning of an unproven theory. For once, I would agree with an Anglican reverend, Hugh Montefiore, Bishop of Birmingham (England), who said, "Academically absurd-it's worthless." He could have also said with Peter that it is "damnable heresy" and that the best you could say would be - "blasphemy!"

Every effort like this-and there are many-is simply another instance of undermining the integrity of the Bible and destroying the faith of a few more gullible people. Sad, but a few more people will believe this drivel and join hands with Satan - and be lost!