Vol. 1 - No. 12

November, 1982


by Robert L. McDonald

Word has been received from a small congregation in California wishing to make contact with a gospel preacher in California who is in need of support. Even though the church is unable to fully support a preacher, the brethren there would like to use what money they are able to help elsewhere. If any of our readers know of a preacher worthy of support, let us know and the information will be passed on to the congregation.


Brother H. L. Bruce (3301 Sequoia, Amarillo, Texas 79107) has changed plans to move to Kansas, as recently announced in THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW. He is now preaching for the Dumas Drive church of Christ in Amarillo. Previously, he had labored with the Pleasant Valley congregation in that city for five years.


Favorable remarks continue to be received regarding the paper, and, of course, this makes the two Bobs happy. New subscriptions are being received every day and the “renewals” are holding up very well. We are confident THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW is a paper which brethren are interested in reading.

One expression repeated over and again is, “Don't allow the paper to become one of a continual fuss.” This is exactly what we are trying to avoid. For this reason, we have a certain policy of printing articles.

We will maintain an open paper for expressions on “all sides” of issues. Our pages will be made available for well-written articles which focus attention to the subject in a forthright manner.

If and when articles are received which, in the judgment of this editor, needs an immediate reply, the article will be sent to the one who differs, informing the author of the original article and both articles will be held up unto they can be run at the same time.

When an article has been reviewed without solicitation from the editor, the review will be sent to the author of the original article so that he may reply to the review. After the review and reply have appeared, the discussion for the present will come to a close. We feel that such response in this way should be sufficient on an issue raised by a writer. What we want to avoid is a continued review, reply and reply again. It is our feeling that brethren grow tired of hearing the same thing written again and again.


Sometime we run across some tidbit which we feel will be of interest to our readers. So it is with the following poem. The unknown author has expressed what “we have heard” is too near the truth.


Just a line to say I'm living

That I'm not among the dead

Though I've gotten more forgetful

And more mixed up in the head.

For sometimes I can't remember

When I stand at the foot of the stairs

If I must go up for something

Or I've just come down from there?

And before the frig, so often

My poor mind is filled with doubt

Have I just put food away

Or have I come to take it out?

And there are times when it is dark

With my night cap on my head

I don't know if I'm resting

Or just getting out of bed?

So if it's my time to write you

There's no need in getting sore

I may think that I have written

And don't want to be a bore.

So remember I do love you

And I wish that you were here

So now it's nearly mail time

So I must say “goodbye dear.”

There I stand beside the mail box

With a face so very red

Instead of' mailing you my letter

I've opened it instead.


Occasionally, we hear of more and more members of the church expressing the willingness to use the instrument of music in the worship of the church. A few years ago the instrument was brought into a congregation at Mobeetie, Texas, then in Nashville, Tennessee. Such an attitude toward the Word of God is wrong and will be the avenue through which every kind of innovation will be introduced into the work and worship of churches. It is sad to think that brethren have learned so little with regard to the establishing of divine authority. We can combat this improper attitude by teaching the truth, emphasizing the divine inspiration of the Bible, increasing faith in the Word as an all-sufficient guide, understanding our Lord's approval of the work and worship of the church and the proper use of the Scriptures.