Vol. 1 - No. 1 

January, 1982


by Robert L. McDonald

With this number of THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW, a new milestone is marked in the issuance of religious journals among our brethren. It is our aim to bring forth a paper which will be read, studied and appreciated as it relates to the truth of our Lord and its defense. Hopefully, we will have a wide variety of articles each month. Our plans are to publish a paper which will be anxiously awaited by our readers who are interested in increasing their knowledge of the truth.

We have no intention of being a fountain of pronouncement of brotherhood "positions" on any subject or issue. Such should be repugnant to every lover of truth. Both the editor and publisher feel there is a valid need for a medium where brethren have the opportunity to express themselves on any issue. At the same time, we have no intention of allowing the paper to become a free ticket for a single issue to be overly discussed. We have seen too much of this over the past few years. As we have talked with brethren from place to place, we are confident this is what they are looking for.

It seems that some papers must have an "issue" to promote and maintain their circulation. We have no intention to manufacture an "issue" to build THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW. Surely, there can be a paper published with a primary purpose of allowing brethren to share their knowledge of the truth with others. If an "issue" is raised, we will not hesitate to print "both sides" so as to allow brethren to study for themselves in their quest for the truth, but we do not intend to allow one "issue" to deter us in the fulfillment of our aim.

There have been so many of our brethren who at one time wrote much in the periodicals. I can go back to the old GOSPEL GUARDIANS and see article after article written by capable men whose pens have, over the past few years, become silent by their own choosing. Their knowledge and wisdom is greatly needed in our time. There are so many who have not had the opportunity to read articles of the quality of richness which were written twenty-five years ago. I well recall those days when, upon receipt of the papers, I would read each page, from front to the last, with a realization that I had the opportunity to absorb the knowledge from faithful students of the Word of God. Those were some of the happiest days in my study as I sought to learn the truth as it was applied by those teachers through the periodicals. We want to encourage the younger writers to submit articles but we especially ask the older brethren to take their pen in hand and again write the thought-provoking articles characteristic of the 1950's. Their understanding of the Word of God through diligent study should be shared with those who want to study those things written by brethren who have fought for the truth in those days, three decades ago, when conviction was not compromised. Surely, there must be many in the reading audience who understand and are willing to help in this cause.

A major problem in the distribution of any paper is the need to build its circulation. Religious journals are usually known by word of mouth by the friends of the paper. When a paper contains articles which are edifying and brethren feel they have received a blessing from reading, their circulation is going to increase. Brethren will be talking about it! Until this circulation of THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW is reached, we call upon you, our faithful reader, to tell others, subscribe for them and help us to build a better paper.

The editor of a paper has a responsibility peculiar to that publication not experienced by any other person. It is his to see that adequate material has been sent to the publisher for inclusion in each month's printing. He must read and study each article so as to select those he feels would be the most edifying to the readers. There will be, at times, some articles this editor will not agree with in all points. Others will find disagreement to the point that the editor feels should be reviewed by one who takes an opposing view. My task will not be an easy one and I verily understood the responsibility when approached by brother Robert Craig in the fall of 1980 to fill the chair. (I delayed Bob for about six months before my mind was fully settled as to assuming the role.)

We look forward to a pleasant association with you through these pages. Only time and eternity will determine the amount of good to be accomplished in the writing done in THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW.