Vol. 0 - No. 0 

December, 1981



by Robert L. McDonald

Every few years a new religious periodical has its beginning. Many of them last for a short while and are then laid to rest. Maybe that is the way it  should be. Some should have  never issued its first number.  Others continue to be an as , set in a deeper study of is­ sues in the light of the Word of God.

With this number, THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW is introduced as a prospectus to interested persons to subscribe to what we believe will be a most valuable paper. This editor and brother Robert L. Craig, the publisher, have discussed in detai1 the plans to make this paper as profitable for all who will regularly receive it. We feel that there is a need for a paper such as proposed in THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW.


Every paper has an aim for its existence. If not, it should have remained under wraps. THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW has a very definite purpose. There has been, for a long time, a need for a medium to allow brethren to openly discuss issues when raised. Too many of the papers have a "closed door" policy when certain views are expressed.

The editor urges brethren to write fresh material for printing. We don't want to fill the pages with reprints from bulletins. We especially want material in exposition of the Scriptures, which will result in a deeper study of the Word.

We have no intention of allowing the pages to become the means for an unending harangue of one particular issue. Even though a free discussion of issues is encouraged, it is our belief that brethren grow tired of reading the same arguments, quibbles and discussion which have been expressed time and again. Hopefully, we will print a well rounded variety of topics in each number.


One problem with too many writers is their extended length of articles. Frequently an article could have been shortened in half if only the author would take more care when expressing himself. Our writers are requested to keep their manuscripts to four double-spaced typewritten pages or less. This will keep the articles to a length which will be read and at the same time allow more articles for each number issued.

One unique feature of THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW is our willingness to pay a small fee to the author submitting articles for printing. We understand the time and effort required to write worthwhile material for publication. Even though the remuneration will not be an amount in contrast to the time and effort in writing, we do want to show our genuine thanks for helping to make THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW worthy of the time and effort to put forth a paper more than worth the $6.00 paid by our subscribers.

One exception to the fee. When a controversial article is submitted which will, in the editor's judgment, necessitate an immediate review, there will be no remuneration to the article in question or the review.

When an article is submitted and a review by one holding an opposing view deems necessary, the original article and the review will appear in the same issue. We feel this will be for a more interesting paper.


We hope to have a variety of departments. The front page and the editorial page will not be reserved to any single issue. The articles appearing on these pages will vary from number to number. There will, however, be departments which we plan to include in the twenty page paper. These departments will include:

1. Issues before the church

2. Denominational and cults

3. First principles

4. Exposition of Scripture

5. Evidences

6. Controversy: Articles and reviews

7. Religion in the news

8. Book Reviews

9. Potpourri

10. News of churches

11. The family relationships

12. Reports from preachers

Every issue will not necessarily contain articles from all of the above departments, but we plan to devote every issue to a wide variety of subjects.

Even though THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW will not have what is commonly thought of as a "Staff of Writers," we plan to have one writer who has promised to submit an article for each number. Brother Byron Gage of Corpus Christi, Texas, has agreed to handle the "Book Reviews." These reviews will be of books not only interesting to preachers, but to all of our readers. This is often a thankless job but to many it is a valuable avenue in the selection of good, usable books for one's personal library.


One section of the paper will have a listing of churches, time of services, address, etc. These listings will run each month for a nominal cost of $50.00 per year. As the paper is beginning, we are offering a free listing for churches for the first three months. Those interested in including the listing of churches are urged to send the information to THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW, P.O. Box 2375, Harker Heights, Texas 76541, immediately so as to be included in the very first number of this publication, January, 1982. The congregation will be billed at the annual rate of $50.00 in April, 1982.

Brethren have found these listings of great advantage in assistance when traveling. We are confident this paper will prove to be an asset to the congregation carrying the listing. Try it for a year to see if the listing will not prove an asset to both reader and congregation.


A paper as THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW can exist only by the help of friends of those involved in the work. We call upon all of our friends to send $6.00 for the first year's subscription. Do not delay -- we need your subscription today! All subscriptions should be sent to the address at Harker Heights, Texas.


Truth has nothing to fear from an open, free examination of religious issues. This has always been the feeling of this editor and the publisher. For this reason, your articles, expressing convictions which you feel need to be examined, are invited.

It must be understood that the work of this editor is to submit material to the publisher so as to have the very best paper possible. This will, in some instances, necessitate a rejection of articles because they have not been, in the editor's point of view written well or possibly is questionable in content, or some other reason. In this case, the manuscripts will be returned to the author when not used in the paper. Please send your manuscripts to: Robert L. McDonald, P.O. Box 2427, Odessa, Texas 79760.  (Please Note:  This address is no longer valid.  Please do not send anything. BGG)


Many of you have read after this editor in THE DISCERNER since 1957. You are acquainted with my policy in endeavoring to be fair in the presentation of truth and the expose of error. This spirit will be maintained in THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW.

These are our plans. We know you will want to be a regular reader of THE EXPOSITORY REVIEW because we propose to get a paper into your hands each month which will give you something worthwhile. The paper will be militant, edifying, informative and interesting. But, for the success of this paper, we need your help today! Send not only your own, but a number of names and addresses with the first year's subscription of $6.00 per name. Better still, remember the club rate if you send in as many as 10 subs. Just $5.00 per name. You will be doing us and you a great service.